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Family Mindfulness with Mindful Diya

Restore Mental Health And Emotional Well-being Of Your Family.

Relax . Restore . Rejoice Together With Mindful Diya

In Just 15 minutes

Enjoy Peace, Joy & Togetherness

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Mindful Diya

Your Guide For Family Mindfulness

Diya (Dee-ya) Means Light

That Shows The Way

- Reduces stress, anxiety and loneliness
- Brings calmness and relaxation

- Improves emotional well-being

- Cultivates skills like empathy, patience, listening, self-expression and attention

This ritual helps family to restore deeper interpersonal connection and open communication.

Couples Hug
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A beautiful practice that expands the sense of connection with your surrounding and people  in your life. 

A loving practice that enhances the sense of belonging with each other and gratefulness .

Change your mood with a touch!
Calming, Compact and Rechargeable

Mindful Diya

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Research-Based Evidence


The secret to "Happy Life" is meaningful relationships and connections.

Harvard's 75-Years Study 

Happy Meditator

Mindfulness is a superpower.

It reduces anxiety, distress and improves attitude of well-being.

American Psychological Association

Mother and Daughter Hugging

The inter-personal connections  developed through our senses are powerful forces in our lives.


Self-Reg by Dr. Stuart Shanker 

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