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For Togetherness, Peace and Joy 


What Do We Do?


We restore mindful human connection in families.


Our rituals of Interactive Mindfulness Practice help

pre-teen and teenage children to Relax, Recognize and

Restore deeper interpersonal connection and communication.


In Just 15 minutes!



We believe in the magical power of mindful human connection

and we want to pass it on to our next generation.


Research-Based Scientific Evidence


The Secret To Living A Happy Life Is Meaningful Relationships and Connections.

Harvard's 75-Years Study 


The Connection Through      Our Senses Is A Powerful Force In Our Lives.


Self-Reg by Dr. Stuart Shanker 


Mindfulness Is A Superpower.   It Reduces Anxiety, Distress And Improves Attitude of Well-being.

American Psychological Association

We Create Quality Time Experience

Introducing “Diya” a smart mindful lamp that brings

fireside chat experience for families.


"Diya" illuminates and guides people through interactive mindfulness practices. These practices help to self-reflect, express affection, appreciation and mutual sharing of fundamental experience of the day or life, such as what was your favorite moment of the day, what are your dreams, what are your fears and what are the things you care about. These practices are done between two or more people. 

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Interactive Mindfulness Practices


15 minutes of regular practice help children (age 10 - 18yrs)


  • Feel calm & relaxed

  • Develop sense of belonging

  • Have authenticity in sharing

  • Improve attitude of well-being 


This practice guides children and parents to relax, recognize and restore deeper interpersonal connection and communication.


Diya, a smart mindful lamp




  • 3 light settings, Speaker, Time & Alarm clock

  • An audio guide package of 10 U&Me Ritual Interactive Mindfulness Practices

  • Chargeable & portable

   Price: $145


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Restore Interactive Mindful Connection
For togetherness, peace and joy in families.

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