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A lamp with calming audio-guides for a relaxing and enjoyable family-time experience, in just 15mins.

- Multi-colored mood lights

- Speaker with volume control and digital clock.

- It comes with a charging cable and mini-USB drive.


Color Matt White

Size approx 4"W x 4"D x 4.5"H

Weight 0.5kg


Mindful Diya

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  • Mindful Diya is a guide for family to relax, restore and rejoice togetherness, in just 15 minutes. It

    - Enables families to breathe, reflect and share moments of happiness and relaxation together.

    - Blends quality family-time experience with mindfulness

    - Cultivates the joy of deeper emotional connection to prevent and remedy stress, anxiety and sense of loneliness.


    Mindful Diya brings peace, joy and togetherness in family, in just 15-minutes. It includes a series of audio-guides that leads family members to spend quality time and talk to each other about their experiences in a meaningful way, without any distraction. Simply

    1. Schedule your family-time meeting
    2. Put your phone and everything else aside
    3. Gather around Mindful Diya and switch it on
    4. Select the mood light and theme guide
    5. Follow the prompts

    Enjoy 15 minutes of restorative and undistracted meaningful connection with people you love and live with.



    Mindful Diya guides children (age 8yrs and above), parents, couples to restore deeper emotional connection and open communication. 15 minutes of regular practice helps to

    • Reduce stress, anxiety and loneliness

    • Bring calmness and relaxation

    • Better Sleep

    • Improve emotional well-being

    • Enhance authentic self-expression

    • Cultivates skills like empathy, patience, listening, self-expression and attention.


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