An audio guided lamp for relaxing and enjoyable family time and powerful group mindfulness practice in just 15mins.

Portable lamp with calming themed guides, multi-colored mood lights, speaker with volume control and digital clock. It comes with charging cable and mini-USB drive.


Color Matt White

Size approx 4"W x 4"D x 4.5"H

Weight 0.5kg


Mindful Diya

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  • Mindful Diya is a lamp with themed guides for interactive mindfulness practice with family. These practices are designed to increase sense of togetherness, peace & joy. It includes a series of 15-minutes of audio guides that leads family members to mindfully breathe, reflect and share topics like events of the day, dreams and valuable life lessons etc together.​

    Set the daily alarm, put everything aside, gather around Mindful Diya and enjoy 15 minutes of restorative and undistracted meaningful connection and conversation with someone you love and live with.


    This mindfulness ritual practices have 3 guided steps -

    a) Relaxation through breathing excecises

    b) Recognition of emotions through self-relfection

    c) Restoration of deeper connection through mutual sharing

    These practices are done between two or more people.



    Mindful Diya guides children and parents to restore deeper interpersonal connection and open communication. 15 minutes of regular practice help children (age 8yrs+) and parents


    • Reduce stress, anxiety and loneliless

    • Bring calmness and relaxation

    • Enhance authentic self-expression

    • Improve emotional well-being

    • Cultivates skills like empathy, patience, listening, self-expression and attention.