Our Mission

Restore the magical power of meaningful human connection, with mindfulness. 

Starting with people who live together.

We believe that meaningful human connection has magical power that not only enhances our experience of life in good times but also guides us towards light in dark times. Our mission is to pass on this magical power to the next generation.

Mindfulness, a cleansing activity for mind.

Just like we wash away the dirt from our skin with soap and water; mindfulness washes away unhealthy thoughts such as anger, fear, anxiety or any emotional discomfort with awareness and breath.

U&Me Ritual focuses on the benefits of practicing mindfulness with your family. The intent is to build healthy habits that prevent and remedy the emotional challenges young people and adults experience in their daily life.

Our interactive mindfulness practices guided by Mindful Diya help pre-teen, teen and adults to Relax, Recognize and Restore healthy emotional connection with their family, in just 15 minutes!


Dipti Swain
Joy Catalyst

Family Mindfulness Coach

On a mission to cultivate peace, joy and togetherness at home; because stronger and happier families make a better and healthier society. There is no strength or happiness without healthy emotional, mental and spiritual connection.

Inspired by her grandmother, Dipti is committed to helping families to restore a sense of belonging, security and authenticity through mindful connection and meaningful conversations.

From a very young age, Dipti was curious about human beings' nature and well-being. She learned and practiced different schools of mindfulness from childhood. Currently, she practices Vipassana regularly.

Dipti left her 10 years of banking career in 2017 and started a sole searching journey to gain clarity and discover her innate element of usefulness, the unbiased nature of the unique self she is. As the desire to help children have a fulfilling life journey rekindled in her heart, she quickly realized how our emotional wellbeing is strongly connected to our roots, memories of our experience in family.


She combined her learning from mindfulness, childhood memories of family bonding rituals and solution oriented mindset to create Mindful Diya for families, with an intention to share the magical power of meaningful and mindful connection. She believes the strength of our society is the reflection of the strength in individual families.